Experience in public speaking, interviews on radio, TV, video and for print.

Selected previous engagements:

Bolliger & Company and Office of SMEs Promotion Thailand, 2021

Five sharing sessions on building and growing business internationally and in Thailand, to a wide audience of SMEs across five regions in Thailand


London School of Economics, School of Public Policy Featured Alumni

“My guiding principles…have been that I believe in innovation and technology as an enabler, and that I like to work on designing the future…”


Taff, Pro7 (German TV), 2020

Interview and private sightseeing flight to introduce Siam Seaplane, why I like Bangkok and a brief feature of my family.


Travel Asia News, 2019: “Seaplanes in Thailand”

Introducing a new aviation service for Thailand in an interview with Travel News Asia, chatting about the development phase, launch plans, logistics, weather, airplanes, and more…

Techsauce Global Summit, 2019: “The inevitability of blockchain and the digitalization of assets”

Presenting the unstoppable trend of digitalization across any and all assets, and raising concerns regarding security and scalability. Explaining what success factors are needed going forward.

London School of Economics, 2019: “How will technology change public policy?”

A panel discussion. My take: technology can be an enabler, particularly for evidenced-based evaluation of policies. Emerging tech fundamentally changes the dynamics of public policies and their impact, and opportunities and risks look fundamentally different now. The public sector need to move fast (response and upskill), and collaborate more than ever (e.g. in the form of sandbox environments and other enablers).

Business Review Asia, 2017: “Data dictates, how analytics is shaping our world”

Explaining how data and analytics is providing ever-more crucial insights on consumer behaviour

Thai Mobile Summit 2016: “why you shouldn’t develop an app”

Championing a channel-agnostic and sensible approach to understanding how service delivery matters to customers


La French Tech Thailande, 2017: “why e-commerce isn’t enough”

Introducing ROOMOOMO, the Asian Designers Luxury Outlets, and explaining why fashion needs a healthy mix of online and offline to succeed in Southeast Asia


Telenor, 2017: “measuring indirect financial effects of digital services”

A combination of rigorous methodologies, a complex collaborative set-up of experts, and a commercial and strategic mindset are needed to succeed and understand impact


Aplaus Magazine Feature, Indonesia, 2016: startup launch

“Having a positive outlook on the future of Indonesia’s luxury fashion has led this visionary entrepreneur to launch a striking digital startup.”