Making, scaling and supporting start-ups

Through denkventure, my start-up support platform, I help start-ups I am passionate about to build strong business strategies, execute them, and scale.
Denkventure operates on a referral-only basis. Advisory can take different forms and engagements, such as Board member, director, independent advisor, investor, consultancy.

I follow the following process:
make building ventures from the ground up, grow devising strategies for growth, structure establishing business processes for increased efficiencies, and scale scaling up for the future.

Start-up mentorship

I act as a mentor for startups through formal accelerators as well as independently.

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Corporate advisory

Advisor, subject-matter expert and consultant to corporates.

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Guidepoint  Alphasights  Atheneum

EBRD Advice for Small Businesses

Interests and expertise

I am interested in a wide array of topics: (in no particular order, and other products & services may be considered)
technology, communications, aviation, transport and autonomous logistics, mobile & web, financial services, social value-added businesses, environmental impact and sustainability, health and fitness, emerging markets, highly innovative businesses, commerce, fashion, AR/VR, and robotics.

My key expertise lies in commercial strategy, combining a thorough understanding of financial and quantitative analysis with business plans, strategy and concrete go-to-market or growth action plans. I get things done. I’m a fan of efficiency, automation, and execution. I highly value relationships.